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Having one central contact to liaise with all suppliers, including the hotel, transportation, decor, food and beverage, audio/visual, print, and rental companies to communicate the program needs consistently keeps your event focused, your budget in check, and saves you countless hours of time and money. Whether we work as an extension of your in house project team, or as your company point person, you can be assured that your meeting will be a success. 

What We Do...


Our team has excellent negotiating skills and unparalleled executing styles that will make your event perfect!  We successfully manage the relationship between you, the vendors, the guests and every detail in between.  We focus on the details so you can "check that off your list."

Our esteemed network of resources will enhance every aspect of your experience.  Simply put, we have the experience, creativity and resources to make your vision a reality.

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Site Selection & Contract Negotiating


Have to much to do and to little time to do it?  Let us take this piece of the pie off your plate!  We have literally traveled the world so you don't have to.  We have contacts all over the world that help us get you the best rates for your group.  We'll find the location,hotel and space you need for your program.  We will negotiate and secure the contract.  We know what should be IN the contract and what should NOT be in there.  And this is NO COST TO YOU!  Yep, you read this right.  We work closely with the hotels to get you the BEST rate for your group.  We know how to make a contract a win win.   Bottom line - you have nothing to loose by using this service!