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Personalized Gifts

Accessories are easy and fun gifts!  We offer a variety of bags that can be personalized. Our inventory changes with the seasons so please check with us on what is currently in stock.


These are just a few examples of the tumblers we have created for our clients.  We can put your logo or favorite sport as well.  Contact us for pricing and availability.

Apparel & Bags

We provide custom monogram and design options for your gifts.  Weddings, bridal party gifts, birthdays, holidays and graduations are popular occasions!  Apparel, tumblers, wedding favors - just about anything you can think of can be personalized!  We have hundreds of designs available.  Please contact us to personalize your gifts!

Glass blocks make a great gift for any occasion.  They make great night lights, piggy banks or are beautiful as a stand alone.

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